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                Warmly welcome the Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Jinxian County, Jiangxi Province to visit and inspect




                  On September 22, Chen Lingyan, Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Jinxian County, Jiangxi, and representatives from the Jinxian County Commerce Bureau and Investment Service Center visited Shenzhen Tuoren Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. General Manager Ms. Wang Fang and Deputy General Manager Guo Yaoqiang Accompanied by Mr.

                Picture|General Manager Wang Fang introduced the company's production workshop

                Picture|Mr. Guo Yaoqiang, deputy general manager, introduced the company's products to customers

                  General manager Ms. Wang Fang and deputy general manager Guo Yaoqiang first led Chairman Chen to visit the company’s workshop and introduced the general situation of the company. Chairman Chen spoke highly of the Tuoren Group.


                Figure|A colleague from the marketing department introduced the company's products

                  Next, I came to the demonstration hall. The marketing department colleagues introduced the company’s listed products, especially the Tuoren remote intelligent ultrasound TRU200. During the Hubei epidemic, Shenzhen Tuoren Company donated multiple ultrasound equipment to Hubei. Mr. Li personally led a team to Hubei to install the machine and made his own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

                  After hearing the introduction of the remote function of TRU200, Chairman Chen praised the remote diagnosis and treatment function, which is conducive to the sinking of resources, so that people in remote areas can also enjoy expert diagnosis and treatment services online, which greatly saves the cost of medical treatment.


                  Picture|The two sides held talks

                  After visiting the company, the two sides held a symposium at the meeting. Chairman Chen Lingyan praised the Tuoren Group for its high sense of social responsibility, and spoke highly of Tuoren’s spirit of taking responsibility, being aggressive, developing new products, and giving back to the society. He put forward many suggestions on the cooperation between the two parties. Both parties carried out product development and equipment sales. In-depth discussion.

                400-809-7996 tuoren@tuoren.com
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